What we do


Close-knit independent living communities blending seniors and individuals with disabilities; conveniently located near public transportation, employment, social and recreational opportunities.  Neighbors will be supportive friends, sharing and co-caring; regularly planned activities and events provide opportunities for residents and friends to cultivate connection with the larger community.


Housing options (especially home-ownership) are extremely limited for people with disabilities.  Our seniors often become isolated and lonely, resulting in numerous negative health outcomes and potential risk factors.  Families who are caregivers often isolate themselves becoming so focused on providing care that they forget to care for themselves.


By creating blended, supportive and enriching communities with opportunities for social engagement, residents will enjoy a balance of community and private life; avoid isolation and loneliness, and experience an enhanced purpose of life.


Contemporary cohousing, founded in Denmark 50 years ago, made its way to the US 30 years ago.  Communities are designed with common spaces surrounded by private homes.

Senior cohousing is an innovative and cost effective model that illustrates how living in a highly functional community improves health reduces the need for senior services, enhances individual contributions on a larger scale, and makes life more affordable and fun.  Residents of senior cohousing are consciously aware of their environmental footprint and strive to live light on the earth. Life in cohousing fosters neighborly support that’s there when it’s most needed.

Many aspects of cohousing are shared in Harwood Village’s vision for blended communities. Interested in learning more about cohousing?  Learn more about Harwood Village & Cohousing

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Harwood Village, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote, support and develop independent living communities that embrace seniors and individuals with disabilities in ways that foster connection with each other and the greater community.  We attract funding from public and private foundations, granting organizations, individual donors, and will hold regular fundraising events. We do not fund our organization through the development projects we build—communities are built through a combination of donor funding, foundation funding, and buy-in of our neighbor-owners.


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