Become a Full Equity Member

If you feel like you are home, found your people, your place, and the way of life that you dreamed about, now is the time to consider becoming an Equity Member.  Equity Membership avails you the option of early member discounts and opens up the opportunity to participate in our community and building design, committee development, and governance structure.  Equity Membership also secures your place in our seniority queues and determines your place in line when it comes to choose your unit.  

Full Equity Member households are expected to participate in all cash calls determined by the Finance Committee as necessary to fund the development of Harwood Village at Southgate and contribute to building and sustaining the community by participating in:

  • Governance process
  • Shared meals
  • Maintenance and improvement of the property
  • Committees
  • Workshops involving governance and decision-making, and follow the agreements adopted by and for Harwood Village at Southgate. Those who join subsequent to major planning workshops, are expected to review orientation materials that summarize the content of workshops that have already taken place


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