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On the web:

Cohousing Association of the U.S. website: https://www.cohousing.org/

SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates website: https://sagecohoadvocates.org



Watch these videos:

“Senior Cohousing featuring Wolf Creek Lodge and Chuck Durrett”: CLICK HERE

“Senior Cohousing: Growing Old Together”: CLICK HERE

TED Talk – How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer) by Grace Kim CLICK HERE

TED Talk – Solving the housing crisis for neurodiverse adults – CLICK HERE



Watch these DVDs:

“Best of Both Worlds: Cohousing’s Promise” CLICK HERE

Listen to this podcast: “Baby Boomer Retirement: Is Senior Cohousing a Good Option?” CLICK HERE



Read these articles

From Cohabition to Cohousing:  How Older Baby Boomers are Revolutionizing Senior Living  CLICK HERE

“From Cohabitation to Cohousing: Older Baby Boomers Create Living Arrangements to Suit New Needs” CLICK HERE

Adam’s Journey to Independence CLICK HERE

“Why Boomers are Designing Their Own Retirement Communities” CLICK HERE

How Baby Boomers are Creating their own Retirement Communities CLICK HERE


Read these books

The Senior Cohousing Handbook—A Community Approach to Independent Living by Charles Durrett (2nd ed. 2009)

Cohousing Handbook – Building a Place for Community by Chris Hanson

State-of-the-Art Cohousing by Alexandria Levitt and Charles Durrett


Visit or research other cohousing communities such as

Oakcreek Community – Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Senior cohousing community.  24 single story homes on 7 acres located within one-mile radius of a large grocery store, banks, shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops and a health center.  Completed in October 2012. https://www.oakcreekstillwater.com/

Our Home – Cathedral Park, Oregon.  Our Home neighborhoods consist of home ownership opportunities for approximately 10-30 families, diverse in family structure, age, ability, socioeconomics, and interests.  The first community is projected to open 2022 and comprises 28 studio, 1 & 2 bedroom units on one half acre https://www.ourhomeicc.org/ 

LunaAzul – Pheonix, Arizona.  A privately owned residential neighborhood designed specifically for people with life challenges.  A place where residents can live permanently, while enjoying a sense of security, and making lasting friendships.  The community opened 2020 and comprises 30 one and two story 2 & 3 bedroom units on 4.5 acres https://www.lunaphx.com/

PDX Commons – Portland, Oregon.  Senior co-housing community.  Four story contemporary condominium with 27 private living spaces and more than 5,000 square feet of common spaces built on ½ acre with easy access to public transit, parks, shops, restaurants and grocery stores https://www.pdxcommons.com/

Quimper Village – Port Townsend, Seattle.  A 55+ condominium community in which every member has a voice.  Residents participate in chores to maintain the community. The community opened 2017 and comprises 28 single story units on 6 acres https://www.quimpervillage.com/



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